Lebaran 2014.

Lebaran 2014.

Happy Eid Fitri everyone! After 30 days fasting, we finally celebeated Eid Fitri. I had so much fun with my family and I am going to share about it here.

I went to my grandmother’s house on the first day of lebaran. It was fun for I reunited with my whole family. It was a tradition to come to my grandmother’s house and gathered there. It was a tradition as well to visit Mimi’s house. It was fun to finally reunited after several months we were busy with our own activities. As an annual habit, we visited Aunt Lulum’s house and Aunt Rifah and Aunt Riyasah’s houses at night. Although the rain was pouring down, we kept on going to Aunt Riyasah’s house and also visited Ka Ema and Ka eva’s houses. It was very nice to see Hilyah, my niece. She is cute and fun to play with. After that we visited Aunt Rifah’s house and rain was pouring down along the way. Yuli and Aunt Lulum rode a motorcycle and were trapped because of the rain. When we arrived at the house, we had a dinner together. I was tired and a bit dizzy, so I went to sleep earlier than Aunt Ibat and Yuli who were still chatting. It went well at first until Miftah’s sleep position made me uncomfortable. Moreover, the AC temperature in Aunt Ibat’s room was very cool. Felt uncomfortable, I moved to the living room and slept with my mom, my grandma, and Aunt Rodiyah there.
We continued our convoy on the second day. We visited Uncle Obeng’s house and found it empty, then we visited Mrs. Nang’s house and stayed there for a while. There were funny moments along the way, like Grandma forgot to close the car’s door after getting off, and when Aunt Rodiyah forgot her cake and played it cool inside the car. It was fortunate to have Amel with me. I had a fun talk with her and shared the funny moments to laugh at. It was fun to have a grown-up sister like that. The conversation went smoothly because of our ages. After visiting Mrs. Nang’s house, we visited Mrs. Lili’s house and had a lunch there. It was crowded since there were other guests. The second day of Lebaran was closed by visiting Emak’s house and we were very tired. When we got home, we found Yuli and Miftah were having bakso. It was 2.00 o’clock when I and my parents went home. I was tired and sleepy, I wanted to sleep in my small yet comfortable room back home. We rode 614 and arrived at home by 15.30 p.m.

It was totally fun to have a big family like I have. To have sisters and brothers, to have aunties and uncles, to have nephew and nieces. It was fun to see Shareen walking around with her brown boots. She was so cute and big already. It was fun to convoy together, to visit our family members’ houses and messing around there. It was fun to have been given money although I was not a little girl anymore. And it was fun to reunited after 11 months separated. We might be busy and grown-up, rarely come to the grandma’s house, but when it comes to lebaran, we will surely come and enjoy the warmth in our family. Once in a year, lebaran surely brings the togetherness back.

Happy Eid Fitri everyone!


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