Dont ever, ever give up.

Dont ever, ever give up.

Another inspiring talk from Ted titled “Do not ever, ever give up” by Diana Nyad. So, I visited the youtube to watch some videos and chose randomly. I watched two inspiring videos that absolutely inspired me. The most inspiring one was the one by Diana Nyad. Diana was a swimmer who broke a record for swimming from Cuba to Florida. The video was about her swimming career and the experience she had during Cuba to Florida adventure. She told us she ever quit from swimming, but after celebrating his 60th birthday, she decided swim again and this time would be more challenging. It was hard, but she managed to do it and finally succeeded in achieving her dream.

Diana told us, in the video, to not give up on our dreams; to find the way to achieve them and to keep trying. She told us that she finally could make it at the age 60 years old as the saying goes, “We are never too old to learn and dream.” She proved it by swimming from Cuba to Florida. She shared her experience and stories passionately and I could see it from her eyes. The audience was inspired and many of them gave her a standing ovation. It was indeed an inspiring talk.

What I liked about this talk was the way Diana shared her experience with the audience. The way she lived her life with spirit and tried to achieve her dream no matter how hard it was. She inspired me to do the same – to achieve my dreams too. The best message I got from her was, “The best part about having a dream is not about achieving or getting it. It is about who we become because of it.” This message inspired me and relevant for me. My dream is to get a scholarship and study in the UK. I know that I have not achieved it yet, but the dream shapes myself today. The dream makes me work harder, practice everyday and makes me become a more self-directed learner. The message will be one of my favorites which can be my guide and reminder in achieving my dreams. Thanks, Diana Nyad!


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