Great Britain is great.

Great Britain is great.

I installed a new app called Great Videos from British Council – an institution which is based in the UK, it helps people around the world to learn English. The app consisted of eight videos and each video had two parts. I downloaded all of them and I was amazed. There are certain speacial features that make this app so cool. The three of them are: the videos are great and show the best parts of Great Britain, there is a script for all videos, and the duration is not too long.

First, the videos show the best parts of Great Britain. When I watched the first video, I was totally amazed. The presenter, Richard with his British accent brought me to some of the best parts in Great Britain. The videos had eight different topics and all of them were great. Each video seemed take us to the Great Britain, to enjoy its countryside, to meet its great entrpreneurs and learn more about the country in an interesting way. My favorite video was Knowledge is great. In the video, Richard took us to Oxford university and Science Museum. Those places were incredible. Watching the video made me want to study in the UK. It reminded me that study in the UK was still become my biggest dream.
Second, there is a script for all videos. I could read the script and learned English from it while listening to the videos. There was also a glossary feature that showed me some new and difficult words to learn. The scripts really helped me to understand the videos well since Richard spoke in British accent which was not easy to catch.
Third, the duration for each video is not too long. The duration was about 5 minutes long. It was good because the longer the duration, the more boring the video would be. I think the duration is perfect because in a short time we can explore Great Britain. Moreover, the way the videos were presented was funny and entertaining. It was certainly good to learn English that way rather than listening to a long and boring lecture.


The app impressed me a lot. The contents and everything were perfect. I love and appreciate how British Council help people to learn English. From the videos, I got some valuable lessons about Great Britain. Great Britain promotes its best things in a great way and in an engaging way like the app; Great Britain also promotes and maintains English in a great way – it provides many English institutions like British Council; People of Great Britain are innovative and smart. They are curious and passionate about learning; Great Britain values its people in all fields. Historians, musicians and other professions are highly valued and appreciated. This is the key why the country has been become a successful country. If I compare with my country, Indonesia, that will be totally different. Here, only some special professions are valued. People of Indonesia and the government only value some professions that are considered elite and forget other professions. Historians here are not appreciated and supported. Therefore, people of Indonesia forget the history and cannot preserve it; The goverment of Great Britain takes care of its museums and historical sites very seriously. There are many museums in the UK that we can visit freely. The museums display many great paintings and other kinds of arts. The manuscripts and many important documents, furthermore, are in a good condition and accessible to use. The goverment takes care of them with a great concern which makes the country’s historical sites a treasure.
These things fascinate me and make me fall in love even more with Great Britain. Watching the videos made me realize that study in the UK was my ultimate goal. Study in the UK will give me a huge opportunity to experience a different learning atmosphere, to meet great people, to explore the museums, to visit the historical buildings and to practice my English. Study in the UK will give me a chance to have the kind of spirit of learning that the British have. I have always wanted to experience those things and I believe the educational system there is much better and good for my career and personal development.

Great Britain, once again, impresses me. I love the royal family, the universities, the museums, the innovation, everything. I do hope that I can visit the country one day and experience the country’s greatness by myself. Aamiin.


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