William and Kate Movie (2011)

William and Kate Movie (2011)

I watched a movie titled William and Kate last week. I had seen the movie’s title several times before, but I ignored it because I thought it was only a parody and was not so good. Nevertheles, I gave it a try. I watched it and I was completely wrong about the movie. The introduction was “inspired by true events” and soon the movie started. I knew that the movie was a love story of William and Kate. From the movie, I knew that they were started as friends. William and Kate were in the same group of a project and soon they became friends. Kate was having a boyfriend but it did not stop their love. There was a part when William looked at Kate intensely because of her beauty in one fashion show at their campus. The part when William started telling Kate about his dreams and were very close. The story was not completely beautiful, however, there was a part when Kate misread William’s relationship with one of his friends; there was a part when they argued really hard because Kate wanted to make their relationship go public but William rejected it; there was a part when they finally went public and got the media’s attention. They were happy until William had to go to some places for official duties. Kate was waiting for him but young William wanted to play around and said he needed some space. Kate was overwhelmed by the media’s negative comments. Many headlines on the magazines called her “Waitie Katie.” It devastated Kate but then Kate decided to move on and continue her life. William who was on duty missing Kate and desperately wanted to get her back. When he got home, he talked watched a video of his mother, the late Princess Diana and talked to his father, Prince Charles about his mother. This was my favorite part – the father and son talked about Princess Diana and how miserable her life was. William was truly sad to remember that his father did not treat her mother well, that her mother was depressed and had to take it all alone. This reminded the young prince that he did not want to treat a woman he loved, Kate,like the way his father treated his mother. This was William’s turning point to get back to Kate. He came to her house and found out that Kate was rowing. He came and told Kate that he was stupid and he wanted to get her back. Kate who loved William so much accepted him back and they hugged each other. The ending was William took Kate to one place and he proposed her by giving her his mother’s engagement ring.

I was perfectly stunned by the movie. That was exactly what happened to Willam and Kate. They faced many ups and downs in their relationship. This movie also reminded me that we needed to have a heart breaking moment first before getting a happy ending. That was what happened to Kate. She was sad and frustrated because of William but look at her now! She forgave William and they were married in 2011. William is very gentle and protective. He is a good husband for Kate. Kate herself is happy with her prince charming and they are now happily married with one handsome son, Prince George. They are such a happy family and I love them so much.
Watching the movie opened my eyes and made me love the cambridges even more. I love how William and Kate started their relationship as friends, how they faced the challenges and came up with the decision to be married and have a happy family. I love how William thinks about his mother and decides that he does not want to do the same thing to Kate. I love how romantic William and Kate are. And I love to see the three of them as William and Kate become parents for little Georgie. They are awesome royal!


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