Prince George’s 1st birthday.

Prince George’s 1st birthday.

Prince George of Cambridge turned 1 year old on 22nd of July this year. I was so excited to see his newest photos with his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton to mark his first birthday. So, there were three official portraits that would be released by the palace to mark Prince George’s 1st birthday. All were taken in butterfly park in London. The first portrait had been released on Sunday and the other two were released on Tuesday.

The first portrait was Prince George walked by himself, looking good with a blue cloth and neat hair. He walked cheerfully and played with his hands. I was delighted to see the first portrait. George was big and tall in the portrait, I cannot believe that he is one year old now! The other two portraits were released on Tuesday and they were even more beautiful. The three of them were playing in butterfly park in London. One portrait showed the three of them were looking at one butterfly and Prince George was touching it feeling curious and amazed at the same time. The parents were happy playing with their son. Another portrait showed the three of them were looking at the sky, probably at the flying butterflies. Kate was smiling beautifully and she held George in her arms; George was so cute and showed a curious look; Prince William was handsome and looked happy. So, I saw those three official portraits and I was extremely happy. They were just so beautiful. I posted those portraits on my Instagram account and soon got many likes. We all celebrated Prince George’s birthday because my timeline was inundated with other the cambridges’ accounts that wished the little prince a happy birthday and posted lots of pictures of him and his parents. Ah, that was so amazing.

I got some news informing that Prince George’s birthday party was held in Kensington Palace, an official residence of the cambridges. The family members of Middleton came to the party as well as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. I could imagine how wonderful the party would be and Prince George would be very happy.

Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge is the third line to throne. Celebrating his first birthday reminds us that he will rule the entire UK one day and will be the king. This little prince was destined to be a great king even when he was still inside his mother’s tummy. The United Kingdom welcomed its future king on 22nd of July 2013. After the official statement informing that the duchess of cambridge was expecting, many people, around the globe, were delighted and waiting for the baby. And after 9 months waiting, we finally saw the baby. It was a baby boy. The happy parents were showing their bundle of joy in front of St Mary’s hospital, the same hospital where the late Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William almost 30 years ago. Since then, public was excited to see what kind of parents William and Kate would be and soon they were viewed as the modern royal.

I myself was delighted to celebrate the little prince’s first birthday. I posted the portraits, I changed my display picture on my bbm, and wished him a very special happy birthday. I also wished that I could go to London and saw the excitement there. I do hope that one day I can go to London and meet Kate, William, and George in person. Ah, what a great dream!

Happy Birthday HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. May happiness showers into your life and rock the world, little man!♡


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