Indonesia’s new president.

Indonesia’s new president.

After several months waiting,the general election commision (KPU) finally announced the new president and vice president of Indonesia. As it planned before, the recapitulation or the real count would be held on Tuesday,July 22nd. I watched it on TV and got nervous when the KPU’s chairman announced that the new president was Jokowi and the vice president was Jusuf Kalla. It was official.
Soon after the announcement by KPU, social media such as facebook and twitter were inundated by comments, opinions, supports, congratulations for the new president and vice president of Indonesia. It was perfectly normal since this was about our nation’s future leaders. Many citizens were excited and expressed their opinions both good and bad.
This was such a massive news for Indonesia because we got our new leaders who would lead this nation and brought hopes, dreams, and a new chance for Indonesia. I do hope that the president-elect, Jokowi, is able to lead this nation towards a success; he is able to keep his promises and make Indonesia becomes a better nation. As an ordinary citizen, I cannot wait to see Jokowi’s ability to work, to lead, and the new cabinet’s performance.
Well, let us hope for a better Indonesia. After all, this is an official decision that we must support and respect. After all, Jokowi is people’s choice. Let us support our new president and work together, hand in hand, to make Indonesia becomes a great nation in the future.

Congratulation Ir. H. Joko Widodo and H. M. Jusuf Kalla as the new president and vice president of Indonesia for 2014-2019.


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