Ah, I can write all night love if it relates to something, a feeling, a special feeling called love.
Love is beautiful and essential. We cannot live without love – no matter how many times you have your heart broken, there is always someone who is willing to mend it. Ah, that is beautiful.
Well, I am very good at theory about love. Most of my understanding about love comes from novels, movies and quotes. But I have never been succeeded in practice. It is bitter to say but I am not lucky in love.
I like the idea of love though. No matter how hurt my feeling is, I still think that love is a cure to many diseases, a cure to a broken heart. Love sometimes makes me become a pessimistic person but it energizes me anyway.
I have never been in a relationship before. I do not have any exes. Maybe because of this, I like the idea of love very much, it just seems beautiful although I have not felt it yet.
It is beautiful to have someone by your side; someone who loves you just the way you are; someone who wants to have you in her/his life; someone who does something weird to get your attention. That is beautiful for me because there is no one who does that for me. All this time, I am the one who loves and fights. All this time, I just live in the idea of love without really feeling it.
It is fine for me, I believe that love will come when time is right.


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