My prayer has been answered!

My prayer has been answered!

It is happy to get something, in this case, a good score, with your own effort. I visited my ais page today and happy to see my score – B. I got B for Math – a subject that I do not really like and I have never been so good at it. I was thankful that I got B, a score that I considered quite good. I was so happy that Allah Almighty heard and answered my prayer to give me a B for Math. It made me even happier to remember that Math’s final test was difficult and I did it myself. There were some questions that I could not answer but I tried to answer them with all I could.
Surprisingly, I got 66 for final test. It was not so bad. The formative was very high for almost all of us. It made a B for me. I also visited Iki’s page and happy to see her high score in Math. She deserved it, I knew it, because she was really passionate about it.
Getting B for Math was my prayer. I was afraid and not sure about my score because, as I mentioned earlier, the final test was difficult. Allah The Merciful gave me what I wanted and I was truly thankful for that. I knew that many of my friends got A, but I did not think about it. I was happy to get B with my own effort and maybe B was a score that I deserved. What made me more thankful was my Grammar score. I got A for Grammar 2 with my own effort. It made me happy and proud. I thanked Allah and Ms. Atik for the score. I thanked Ms. Atik who had taught me Grammar with an amazing way and made me understand it well. Grammar was something difficult, but Ms. Atik made it easy to comprehend and it was fun to study it.
Getting good scores were extremely a great thing, and it was even greater to get good scores with our own effort. It gave me a huge satisfaction and pride to see my scores and realized that I earned them with my own effort, hard work, and got a good understanding behind those scores. I am truly thankful for that. Oh Allah, thanks for answering my prayers. I cannot thank You enough for everything.


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