More or less expectations.

More or less expectations.

I do have many expectations in my life and this is perfectly normal. Expectations can boost our energy yet they can devastate us at a time. Expectations can inspire yet break you.
As I grow older, I learn to lessen my expectations in order to fully appreciate life and be more thankful. Expectations are needed – without expectations, our lives will be plain and unexciting. But too much expectations can cause sadness and unbearable disappointment.
So, what can I and you do to deal with expectations?

As I mentioned earlier, let us learn to lessen our expectations. Let us give more without expecting in return, let us learn more, read more and write more without expecting any medals or high scores. Let us try to lower our standard and live in simplicity. Let us try to appreciate what we have and stop expecting for more.

I learn to be thankful everyday, to stop complain, to say thanks and to give. I start to work harder and learn more. I start to make my expectations become reality. I start to enjoy my life the way it is and not the way I expect it should be. I start to appreciate myself – my strengths and weaknesses the way they are and not the way I expect them to be. I start to love and accept people around me for the way they are and not the way I expect or I want them to be. By doing these, I learn that by expecting less, it gives me an opportunity to give more and appreciate more. By expecting less, I learn to be thankful for my life and looking at those unfortunate people as inspiration. And by expecting less, I learn to accept and embrace my life the way it is, I start to love it completely, I stop trying to re-design my life and have many “I Wish” lists.

Less expectations means that we stop comparing our lives with those celebrities, with those who are richer than us. We stop comparing because we do not expect more than we have now, we stop comparing because we are blessed with what we have and we feel enough. So, less expectations is good.

But, people often say that having many expectations is good because they motivate you. This statement is right. Having many expectations means that you have targets, you have dreams and you set a certain criteria for your life. These things, therefore, will make you work harder and be motivated all the time. Having many expectations, however, can disappoint you when you do not get all of them. You will be over-ambitious and ungrateful and hard to be pleased. You cannot handle the disappointment, you cannot accept things that you cannot change.
Either less or more expectations is frustrating. But we can combine them in order to create a positive impact.
Here is the way or answer:
“Work hard to fulfill your expectations, make yourselves ready to accept the results and always be thankful for them no matter what, and keep in mind that if something does not go along with your expectations, it is fine and you can try again next time.”


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