The Fault in Our Stars Story.

The Fault in Our Stars Story.

Another extraordinary novel by John Green is the fault in our stars which is internationally known and best seller.

This novel is about a love story between two teenagers who suffer from cancer. Hazel Grace is a pretty girl with lung cancer. She cannot breathe without an oxygen tube which she carries with her everyday. Her cancer is severe enough and make her parents worried. In one treatment, her mother and doctor suggest her to join a group of young people with cancer. Her mother wants her to get a life, to make friends and being a normal teenager. Reluctantly, Hazel comes to the group and finds nothing special on the first meeting.
The next day when she comes to the group, something strange yet beautiful happens. She meets a young boy named Augustus Waters. She finds the boy staring at her during the meeting. The boy loves her at the first sight. After the group meeting is over, the boy asks her name and invites her to come to his house.
Hazel and Gus soon become friends. Hazel also be friends with another boy from the group named Isaac. Hazel and Gus tell about themselves – their hobbies and their favorite books. Hazel tells Gus that her favorite book is An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten. Gus reads the book and soon loves it.
One fine day, Gus invites Hazel to have a picnic with him. He takes her to one park and tells her that they are going to Amsterdam to meet Peter Van Houten just like Hazel’s hope. With her mother, Hazel and Gus fly to Amsterdam and have an appointment with Van Houten’s assistant. Before meeting Van Houten, Hazel and Gus have a special dinner in one fancy restaurant. During the dinner, they talk and laugh. Gus tells Hazel that he loves her so much.
The next day, they come to Van Houten’s apartment and are welcomed by a pretty lady – Van Houten’s assistant. Both Hazel and Gus expect to hear the ending of An Imperial Affliction. To their surprise, Van Houten refuses to tell them cruelly and insult them. Hazel then replies to Van Houten with the same tone of voice and anger. They go out from the apartment and go to Anna Frank’s house with Van Houten’s assistant.
The house has many stairs. Hazel is extremely tired and out of breath but she is able to make it to the last stair. In one room, they listen to Anna Frank’s recording,they hug and Hazel kisses Gus. After going out the house, they go back to their apartments but decide to sleep in Gus’ room. They kiss, hug, and sleep together. The next day Gus tells her that his condition is getting worse and perhaps he is going to die soon. Hazel cries and kisses him.
After going back from Amsterdam, Gus’s condition is worse. He asks Hazel and Isaac to make an eulogy for his funeral. Weeks later, Gus dies and leaves Hazel with such unbearable pain and sorrow.
At Gus’ funeral, Van Houten, out of nowhere, comes and says HI to Hazel. Hazel is still angry with him tries to ignore him and soon leaves him. Van Houten gives her a letter which is very important. The next day, Hazel and Isaac have a chat and he tells her that the letter from Van Houten is written by Gus for her. Hazel reads the letter in tears, the letter is about Gus’ feeling to her. Hazel continues her life with Gus’ memories in her heart.
The story is very romantic and a phrase that perfectly describes this is: “We do not have forever, we only have each other.”


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