The Fault in Our Stars.

The Fault in Our Stars.

I watched an incredible movie last Wednesday. After making a birthday video for Icha, I and DIMMS went to Margo to buy the tickets but unfortunately there were no tickets for 3 p.m. So, we went to Detos and lucky enough to get the tickets at 3 p.m. After buying the tickets, we waited at the lobby of the cinema while waiting for Icha who came alone. Soon, we were in the cinema and were ready to watch. I was very excited for this – I have read the novel with the same title and it was great. I could not wait to watch the movie.
The movie was about two hours long. It was great and romantic. My friends watched it queitly, I could see their tired faces. I was tired too and hungry. After watching the movie, we went back to Margo to have our iftar dinner there. It was suck to know that our favorite restaurant, Lotteria, was full. People ate there for hours, they chatted and took many pictures. We just waited outside looking at those people with hatred in our eyes. Tired of waiting, we moved to the food court and finally ate Yamie. Icha was kind enough to buy us Chatime. She promised to treat us Chatime. The line was long enough. I was kind of panick because it was 8.30 p.m. already and my father texted me to go home. I came home pretty late, around 9 p.m. but thankfully my parents were not mad and I was relieved. It was a fun day, the movie was too romantic and it was one of my favorites.


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