The importance of having role models and dreams.

The importance of having role models and dreams.

As I grow older,I know exactly what I want to be in the future – I want to be a successful teacher or lecturer. This is such a big dream, therefore, I have been working hard to achive that. To be a successful person, I learn many things from many people and many sources. Books are good sources to learn and to get wisdom from people that I have never met. From most of the books that I have read about successful people, I can conclude there are two things they have in common: they have dreams and role models or inspirators. These two things are really important in achieving your dreams. In this writing, I would like to write about the importance of having role models and dreams in our lives. Why is that so important to have role models and dreams? We will find out soon.

– The definition of role model(s)
Role models are people who we admire. Those whose lives are inspiring us to be a better person and to do more. Those whose attitudes and words are motivating us to do the same and even more.
– The definition of dream(s)
Dreams are things that energize you everyday, things that you want to achieve, things that make your days more inspiring, things that make yourselves more enthusiastic.

From the definitions, we can conclude that both role models and dreams are very important in our lives. Therefore, we must have them in order to live a successful and inspiring life.

– Find your role models

You have read the definition of role models before and now you have to find your role models. Role models are everywhere. You can find them around you. They can be your parents, your friends, your teachers, your neighbors, or even strangers you met on the street. Role models are quite easy to find as long as you intent to find them and get inspired by them. My role models are my lecturers, teachers, my parents, and some famous people who inspire me in a positive way.

– The importance of having role models

This is why you must have role models: they will inspire you to be like them or even better. Role models are certainly those who have the best character and whose lives inspire you. I belive that whoever your role models are, they must be great and have some qualities that inspire you. It is absolutely fine to have rock singers or celebrities as your role models as long as they inspire you in a positive way. After finding your role models, you will automatically get to know about their lives, their personalities, their educational background. You get to know about everything, this is simply because you adore them and you find their lives inspire you. I myself always stalk my role models’ timelines and pages, I follow the same people or accounts they follow, I do things that they do, I join some clubs that they have been into, I buy their books, I read articles about them, I love their quotes, I do advice that they give, I do tips that they share. From these activities, I find myself become a better person and more passionate to do more. It is because I do things that my role models do, it makes me proud of myself because I do things that great people do.
From their pages, I learn a lot. I get new things, new knowledge, I get inspired by the quotes they share, I learn from them and also from their role models. This is quite simple yet difficult. Having role models is not enough without having self-directed personality. It means that although you have role models, if you do not take advantages from them and learn from them, it will be useless. Having role models is useful for you if you learn from them and you are willing to do the things they do if you want to be as great as them. Never get tired of learning from them because learning from your role models is the easiest way to be a great person too because you can imitate them and live a meaningful life like them.

Then what if I do not have role models? Well, you will have a simple life and nothing to be proud of. I believe that this depends on us to have role models or not. If you do not have role models, your days will be just like that – simple, nothing special happens, no enthusiasm.
I always believe that each of us has an amazing talent and having role models can improve our talents. It means that if your talent is writing and your role models are writers, you can learn some writing techniques from them and this will be improve your writing. So, having role models is really important because they inspire you and help you to achieve your dreams, to be a person you have always wanted to be.
If you have not found your role models, it is fine, keep looking for them. And if you have found them, stick with them and do their examples in the long term or even forever.

– The importance of having dreams

It goes the same way with the role models. Having dreams will inspire you to do more. For example, if you want to study abroad then you will study hard and collect information as much as possible about the country. By Having dreams you will do the things that are needed for that. My lecturer once said that if you want to be a doctor, you will do the things that are needed to be a doctor. You have a clear purpose, a clear plan for your life. That is why having dreams is important because it energizes you and gives you a clear destination to go. Imagine if you do not have a dream, you will have nowhere to go, nothing to fight for, nothing to achieve. It is absolutely essential to find your dreams and fight for them. If you have found them, congratulations! Keep working hard for them. And if you have not found them, take a while to think about your future and keep looking for them.

Conclusion: having role models and dreams is essential for all of us. These are things that most successful people have. So, if we want to be a successful person too, we must find our role models and dreams. Once we find them, stick with them and fight for them. Nothing is more rewarding than to get your dreams come true and become a great person.


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