I was waiting for the bus when Rizki called me informing that Mr. Syauki was absent. It was 9 a.m. and I was ready to go to campus. After getting the information, I did not know where to go. I did not want to go to home because there was not nothing to do there, so I texted some of my friends what they were up to. No one replied, so I decided to go to Gramedia by myself. It was quite funny though because I was like a lost person who had nowhere to go. Gramedia had not opened yet, Margo was the same. That was perfectly normal since it was still 9 a.m. I went to Detos and joined with some people who were waiting in its terrace. I bet those people were the sellers at Detos or those who wanted to shop. Once the door opened, the people went inside and wandered around. I went in too and saw many shops were still closed, the lamps were still turned off. It was such a funny experience for me, that was the first time for me to have that kind of adventure. I promised myself to write about it when I was home.
Tired of wandering, I decided to sit and read a book. Shasa replied my text a few minutes ago saying that she would go to UI’s library to return some books. She invited me to come and I said yes. Before meeting Shasa and Icha, I went to Gramedia to read a book there. I loved the bookstore and it was quiet and just few people there, such a perfect place to read. When I was reading, Shasa texted me saying that she had arrived and waiting for me at UI’s bus station. I quickly put the book back to its shelf and went to UI. After meeting the two of them, we walked together to the library. Shasa took us to a computer room. It was big enough and full of computers. It amazed me because that was the first time for me to be there. The room was clean and tidy, the computers were all from Apple and people seemed to enjoy their surfings on the Internet. It was heaven. Shasa and Icha soon busy with their downloads while I was busy with my youtube videos. Luckily I brought my headset that day. I listened to many videos happily while Shasa and Icha were serious with their Korean videos and dramas. I looked around and saw people were busy with their own computers, most of them were watching youtube. We spent about five hours at the library. When we were outside, the wind was blowing up and the cloud was dark. Rain fell heavily, so we waited at the bus station. We chatted and laughed – I teased Icha for her goreng bakwan schedule. It was funny and able to kill the time. Once the rain stopped, we went home respectively.
Coming to UI always amazed me with its library, bus, building, people and everything else. I often compared UI to my campus. I also often wished to study there, for magister degree perhaps. I now understand why UI is considered as a good or even the best university. I just wish that I can study there as well someday, it makes me proud just to imagine that. Learning has always been my passion and to get a better or higher education is my goal. I hope that I can continuosly learning until magister and doctoral. I hope that I can study in the UK, in Birmingham, but if it should be in Indonesia, at least I can study at UI. Well, let’s hope so. *fingers-crossed*


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