Icha’s 20th birthday.

Icha’s 20th birthday.

I and my fellow DIMMS had Icha’s 20th birthday party today. It was good as always.
Shasa told me the night before that we would come to Icha’s house and give her a surprise. I said yes and together with Memang and Miftah went to Icha’s house in the noon. We bought a small birthday cake for Icha at Margo then took a train to Citayam. We walked exhaustedly and met shasa on the way. We put the candles, lit them and shouted in front of Icha’s house a few times. No one answered. We got angry, so we came inside her house. The door was not locked. Memang came first, she climbed the stairs to the second floor and I followed her with the cake in my hands. Icha, who was ironing when we came, went down the stairs with fear – she screamed, “Who is that?.” It was hilarious! Memang and I were suprised by Icha’s loud voice. It was like a man’s voice. Icha berself was scared to death, but soon laughed when she saw us. She blew the candles and we had a little chat.
Miftah and Shasa were not fasting today. Miftah was hungry more than us, she ate a bread, drank a glass of water yet she was the most exhausted one. We gave Icha a present, it was a black bag. And we wanted to watch a movie.
Around 3 p.m. we hurried back to Margo. We took a train and soon realized that the movie would start soon. We decided to cancel our movie plan. One hour left until magrib. We were extremely hungry. I was the motionless one. We sat together at the food court for a while. At 5 p.m. we prayed and soon we broke our fast.
It was hard to find a restaurant, so we had to wait and finally ate at a ramen restaurant. The foods and beverages were incredibly good. Icha, as the birthday girl, treated us. Shasa and other girls who knew that I did not really like a spicy food made fun of me during the dinner. It was fun though.
We actually wanted to buy chat time but we were full. One more food or drink we would explode. After doing a window shopping for a while, we went home respectively. We planned to watch the movie on Wed after we cast our vote for the presidential election and had planned to have an iftar dinner again at Lotteria, our favorite restaurant.
Today was so much fun. Icha was happy with her present and surprise, we were happy with the food. They were indeed my loved ones. It was good to share laughter, food, stories, and love.


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