A new schedule during ramadhan.

A new schedule during ramadhan.

I have a new schedule during ramadhan and this is better than the old one. Instead of staying up until sahoor watching videos,I choose to sleep earlier (at 10 or 11 p.m.) and wake up at sahoor time. I tried this last night and it went really good. I got bored with the movies on TV, I was tired to wait until 12 or after midnight to get the free internet. Well, I used to do that last ramadhan but this year will be different. So, I wake up for sahoor around 4 a.m. and after having sahoor, I can watch some videos on YouTube until 6 a.m. It is good enough since I can get enough sleep, sahoor on time without feeling sleepy, and watch the videos. It is good because during one hour or so I can watch to two up to five videos – mostly TED, Ellen, and other not-so-long videos. It is fun because I can spend my early morning watching videos to learn English and it is free. In the middle of watching, I usually perform dawn prayer first and continue to watch until 6 a.m. and after that I sleeeeep. This is so much better than the previous schedule since I had to sacrifice my sleeping time and had sahoor with sleepy eyes.
I am so happy with this new schedule because it means I will do it for about one month. I spend the month with ibadah and English. How fun it is!


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