Wow! A new look on WordPress.

Wow! A new look on WordPress.

I was about to write something when I saw a new look of WordPress. I was shocked and happy at the same time. The last time I wrote,it was still with the usual look that I am very familiar with. Now, the look is totally different. It looks even better than before – the color is calmer, with the combination of white and soft blue, the font is small but cute, the overall look is amazing. I just love my blog even more and it makes me want to write more. I am grateful for this new look and I thank the WordPress team for changing the look to a better one.
Well,let me compare with the old version. So, the old one is plain, simple and kinda boring. The space to write is bigger and the font is ordinary. There are some icons that are rarely use and just make the look to be more complicated. The new version, on the other hand,is more simple and attractive.The space itself is not too big – it is small but good enough to write.
In conclusion, the new look is better and more attractive than the old one. It absolutely makes me want to write everyday and I feel good to write here. That is good that the WordPress changed the look because it was surely make the users want to keep using it. Aaaah! I love writing!


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