Iftar Dinner with 4A!

Iftar Dinner with 4A!

I had a very special iftar dinner with 4A and Ka Ana, our facilitator last Monday at D’Cost. We had the same event last year at ayam lumpur, it is kind of an annual event for my class. This year was more awesome and lots of fun. The initiator was Inten. She was excited and took care everything – the place, food, money, the time and date. Inten’s hardwork was paid off at the end.
We were suppossed to have a Speaking class on Monday but Mr. Atik canceled it at the very last minute. All of us were upset. I and cabulers then took a stroll to take some pictures. After that we went to Inten’s place. Inten was not fasting that day, she was happy to eat and asked us to sleep in the room. It was funny. We slept together in one room with three beds. We laughed and cracked jokes at first and one by one finally slept. It was funny to sleep next to Umi – I teased her a lot and I saw her lips and her nose clearly when I woke up. We woke at 2 p.m., we watched a movie to kill time. At 4.30 p.m., we prepared ourselves for our special dinner.
Around 5 p.m. we went to D’Cost together and met Ka Ana there. We were suppossed to have a post-test before dinner but we refused it because there was not enough time. The foods were ready,everything was ready. There was a very long table and many chairs for us. Most of our 4A members came to the dinner although Fitri and Nabila came late. It was fun to sit next to Uli and see my friends there waiting for azan magrib together.
After azan, we ate the foods and everybody was silent for a while. Mega brought us some gorengan. We were full that night. After eating, some of my friends prayed and soon after that, we took lots of pictures. The pictures were, as always, taken by Sasya with her sophisticated phone. I enjoyed the event very much – there was laughter, smile and happiness. I realized that they were my family no matter what geng we were in. Boys and girls blent and became a good team called Team A. Around 7 p.m, we got ready to leave the venue. We hugged and kissed each other. We shook hands with boys and exchange byes and be carefuls. When I arrived at home, I checked my bbm statuses and happy to see some of my friends updated their statuses to, “tft guys,” “breakfasting with 4A,” “4A♥”. It made me happy because we did agree that night was an amazing night for all of us. That night made all of us unite and happy. That night was a night that would be remembered forever.
“Friends are family you choose – and 4A is my family.”


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