Speaking – my passion.

Speaking – my passion.

I did not know what I was capable of doing until she let me show it a year ago. I still remember that – it was my first experience in speaking and also my turning point. This story is about me and my inspiring lecturer. This is what makes me believe in myself and inspires me to be who I am today.

On my first day at campus, I had no idea what I was going to study. I did know the schedule, but I did not understand it. My first class was Speaking 1 with Mrs. Devi. When I arrived at Tarbiyah, I did not know which classroom I was in. I used the elevator to the fourth floor. I knew that the English Education Department was on the fourth floor. I was confused. I met Sasa and Seha there – they were looking for the class as well. Then, we went to the seventh floor and found the class.

And there she was – a beautiful, stylish and a little bit unfriendly lecturer. Well, that was my first impression about her. I was afraid because I came late. Everything was changed when she started to introduce herself and greeted us. She was not unfriendly, in fact, she was friendly. I love the way she greeted us warmly. The first meeting was amazing for me, it gave me an idea what the speaking class would be like. I was excited for the next meeting.

Time flew so fast, I had a mid-term exam. The materials were about personal information, daily activities and procedure text. I prepared very well for the exam. The exam was face to face and then we spoke to Mrs. Devi. I still remember how I nervous I was when entering the class. I stood before her and started to speak. During the exam, I saw she smiled at me and nodded several times. It made me happy to see that she was happy with my speaking. At the end of the exam, she smiled at me and said, “You are good.” There was a big smile on my face and I said thank you then left the class. That was the first comment I got that has been inspiring me until now.

The final exam was more fun. I had to speak about a country that I wanted to visit. My thought was UK and specifically, London. I wrote the script carefully and memorized them well. I was glad I could present it well. The second comment was, “I hope that I have more students like you.” Oh Allah, that was really a compliment. She smiled and excited when listened to my speaking and she gave me the compliment after that. It was such a wondeful moment for me. Another wonderful moment was when I pretended to be a news anchor. She said, “Yeah. I am proud of you.” That was beautiful. I could not stop smiling after hearing that.

Speaking 1 and 2 were amazing for me. Those classes were the place where I could practice my speaking. Mrs. Devi was and still is inspiring. Speaking 3 and 4 are with Mr. Atik – another great Speaking lecturer.


I always believe that each of us has a talent, has something special and something we are proud of. For me, that thing is speaking. I have always loved English since I was in senior high school, but I did not know what a special talent I had. I thought that I was an ordinary one and there was nothing special in me. Then I met her, my first lecturer who changed my perspective and made me believe in myself. I realize that believe in ourselves is important. Because of the comments she gave me, she helped me discover that special thing in me, that thing that I am proud of. I do not know whether it is only a suggestion or it is a talent, but I always believe that I am good at speaking, that I have a good pronunciation. Speaking has been my favorite subject and I always do my best at it. Mrs. Devi had opened my eyes that speaking is my thing and I can improve it to be better and better. Mrs. Devi was the first person that showed me my talent.

I am thankful that I found out my passion in early years because it helps me to focus on it and improve it. Speaking has been being my pride. Speaking skill inspires me to learn many things. Speaking skill inspires me to help those who need me. I love speaking and I start to focus on things related to it – pronunciation, stress, intonation and even gestures. I also focus on vocabulary and grammar. Speaking is my happiness.

It is true that speaking is my pride and my passion. I like to speak, I am a talkative one and it is an achievement that I can speak in another language, English. Speaking is my pride – I am proud to stand in front of my friends, to speak, to see their enthusiasm in watching me and then give applause for me. Speaking is my happiness – I am happy, blessed and honored to teach my friends about speaking. I am blessed that they believe in me. They believe that I am capable in speaking English. Speaking was also something that made Ka Ilham chose me as a facilitator. I am truly blessed. I am blessed to have friends like Dila, Inten, Umi and the rest of 4A who love it when I speak, who listen to me enthusiastically, who give the loudest applause for me. I am truly blessed to hear their positive opinions about my speaking. I am blessed to listen to my friends’ speaking and they ask me to correct them because they believe me.

I always believe that each of us is special. All we need to do is find our talent and help people with it. I do believe that by speaking, I can help my friends and inspire them. I do hope that I can be a good speaker someday and I can speak in front of many people to motivate them.

I always believe that having a talent without using it to help others is useless. Therefore, I try to help others, especially my friends, to speak English better. It makes me happy to help them and to see their performances. I always believe that the greatest accomplishment is when I see my friends’ speaking improved and are able to perform well. That makes me happy.

I am blessed to study something that I really love – English. I am blessed to meet someone like Mrs. Devi who helped me discover my passion. I am blessed to have friends who support me and who watch my speaking with the light in their eyes. I am blessed. Alhamdulillah.

“My passion brings me the happiness that I cannot describe. It simply puts a smile on my face. It drives me to go further and it energizes me everyday.”



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