I want to study in the UK, in Birmingham for exact. To study abroad has been my biggest dream. I want to finish my undergraduate well, get scholarship and then study my postgraduate in the UK. I know this will be really hard, but I am ready to fight. 

        I do not know why I want this so badly. I know that I am not really smart and rich. My life has been wonderful with my parents and friends. I am forever thankful for everything. But when I entered my university, I started to dream more and imagine my future. I still remember when I was in senior high school, my dream was I wanted to be an English teacher. That is all. When I entered the university, my life and my perspective have changed. I do want to be an English teacher, but I also want to do and be more than that. This is what I like about going to the university – I am motivated to be a better person every single day. I met many inspirational people – my friends, my lecturers, my seniors. They have been my biggest motivators. It always amazes me when I listen to my lecturers’ success. It amazes me when I listen to their experience, especially their study experience in abroad. 

       It is totally okay to study here in Indonesia, but studying abroad inspires me more. I know that to study in Indonesia is not easy. I do respect people who are able to take S2 and have a successful career now. But to study abroad is extraordinary. United Kingdom has been my favorite country after Indonesia. I want to see the country, the culture, and the people. I want to visit its historical places, its famous museums. I want to see its famous icons, taste its dishes, and speak the language. I want to study in a different classroom, listen to a lecture in English, discuss, and interact with people with different accents and races. I want to visit the libraries, the mosques, the parks. I want to speak English everyday. I want to experience the education there, the relationship between students and lecturers, and the system there. That will be totally different from my experience here. I want to experience the winter, the spring, the summer, the autumn. I want to see the snow. 

        I know that studying abroad will cost much money. Therefore, I want to get a scholarship that will cover everything for my study. In order to get this, I need to be a smart person. I am ready to fight for this. I want to study abroad, I want to get many new experiences, I want to have a good job with high salary. I want to buy my parents a car, a house. I want to attend many international seminars. I want to buy many books and clothes with my own money. I want to show the world that this world needs someone who is competent, not only good looking. I want to be a speaker, a writer, a lecturer. I want to inspire people, I want to master English and teach it to others. I want to travel the world – I am not very rich, but I want to travel the world. I promise I will take my parents with me if I get a chance to travel the world. 

         I want to be a successful people. I want to get much money that I will give to charity. I want to be famous so people know me and I can help them better. I want to be a writer so I can inspire people through my writing. I want to study abroad because I want to make people who support me proud of me. I want to show them that I work hard for this dream. I want to tell people who inspire me that I can be like them as well. 

I do hope Allah always helps me to pursue those dreams. Aaamiin



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