A day full of laugh.

A day full of laugh.

         After working really hard to make a lesson plan, we finally had our Mot final exam with the one and only Mr. Alek. I come pretty on time. Soon, we gathered in the classroom – feeling nervous and having no clues. Then Ka Lulu came forward and was interviewed by Mr. Alek. We knew shockingly that the exam was oral one and not the teaching practice like we have planned before. Well, Mr. Alek was indeed full of surprises. I and cabulers were upset with the exam since we prepared the practical one. We waited outside the classroom patiently. We talked about many things, laughed together and took selfies. It was so much fun. I was the last group to be tested. Together with Mbake, Iki, and Dila, we were tested by Mr. Alek and it was pretty fun though. Mr. Alek’s questions were unpredictable. 

        After the exam, we went to the kosan and ate together. At 1.30 we went back to campus and had a CCU exam. As usual, we were happy to see Mr. Zaharil haha. Inten acted crazily again – she sat in the front row, very close to Mr. Zaharil’s desk. When we were doing the exam, the rain was pouring down outside. After finishing the exam, we waited at the lobby on the 4th floor. We, again and again, laughed together, cracked jokes and had so much fun. I teased Ummi, Sasya, and Inten as always. Around 4.30 p.m. we went home – with Sasya and Inten in one umbrella. We walked happily although we were wet and cold. Then I, Iki, and Melly went home together. Melly brought us to pass one and very narrow street. It was dark and narrow. We walked one by one, our clothes were wet, and carefully until we arrived to the end of the street. We got on the 114 and it felt a little warm inside. That was a busy day yet a happy one as well. 

Friends are indeed make our lives wonderful. 



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