I spent my weekend by watching a film by Disney called Frozen. I re-watched the movie because it was good. 

         The movie is about two sisters – Anna and Elsa. Elsa has a powerful magic. At first, she gets along really well with her only sister, Anna until she hurts Anna by accident. Elsa has been shuting her sister out from her life since then. After their parents’ death, Elsa gets to the throne and leads the kingdom. On the opening party, Anna tells Elsa that she wants to marry with a prince named Hans. Elsa does not agree with that. She has a big argument with Elsa that causes a disaster for their kingdom in Arendelle. 

          Anna is shocked by the truth that her sister has a powerful magic runs after her to the North Mountain. She gets help from Kristoff and Sven. They go together to the North Mountain and meet Olaf – a snowman that is built by Elsa along the way. 

           They meet Elsa after passing some difficulties on the journey. Anna asks Elsa to come back, but Elsa refuses it instantly. They, once again, argue and it is ended up with Elsa’s anger. She curses Anna that makes her dying. Knowing this, Kristoff brings her to grandpabbie who tells them that only true love can heal her. 

         They go back to Arendelle quickly to meet Hans. They believe that Hans is Anna’s true love, but actually he is not. He is such a cruel man. He leaves Anna by herself cold and weak. He then tells people of Arendelle that Anna has died. He also tells Elsa who runs back to Arendelle and tries to kill her. Anna stops him and she is frozen soon after that. Elsa comes towards her and hugs her tightly, soon Anna wakes up. They both know that the true love is the love between sisters. 

          Elsa then thaws Arendelle and brings the summer they have been waiting for. Everybody is happy and Arendelle, once again, becomes a peaceful place to live. 

The moral values:

True love does not have to be a prince’s love, it can be from your sister. 

Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours (Olaf)

Some people are worth melting for (Olaf).


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