EED office.

EED office.

          English Education Department or simply called EED is one of departments at Faculty of Tarbiya and Teachers’ Training. EED office is on the fourth floor at FITK’s building. If you want to come to the office, you can use the elevator on the first floor or use the stairways. Once you are on the fourth floor, you will see a lobby where there are some tables and chairs. The lobby is usually used by students to study, wait for the next class, or simply to relax.

            From the lobby turn right, walk straight and then turn left. The office is on the center. There will two offices there – EED office and Arabic Education Department office. You will find the office by looking at its door. The office is painted in soft creamy color.

         Once you are inside the office, you will see there are some chairs and two medium-sized tables there. We can say that as lobby. There also two bookshelves where novels and other English documents are saved. Some students who need help can wait for the lecturers in the lobby. The office itself is divided into some medium-sized rooms. There is one room with some chairs, one big table and the lecturers’ lockers. The room is usually used by the lecturers to discuss. The second and third room are the lecturers’ room. The room is used by the lecturers to discuss, to assess the students’ work and do other things. 

           So, English Education Department might be not too big or fancy, but it is a comfortable office for the lecturers as well as the students. 


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