Presidential Debate 2014.

Presidential Debate 2014.

        I have never been a huge fan of politics, but as I grow older, I become more interested in things, including politics. I do believe that politics has an important role in our lives. Because of this idea, I try to open my mind wider to understand politics in Indonesia. As presidential election approaching, I read an English online newspaper every single day to know the newest news regarding presidential candidates, their campaign, events related to the election, and more. 

          What makes me more interested in politics is because of him – a man that has been inspiring me in a couple of months. He is such a smart, passionate, dedicated, and inspiring man. He is very interested in many things – one of them is politics. I follow his timeline which is full of his ideas, comments as well as his views about politics. Moreover, he together with his inspiring friends have an online discussion forum on Twitter where they discuss things regarding politics and the upcoming presidential election. His comments are quite strong, critical and sometimes funny. He is confident and brave enough to give critics to the nation’s leaders. Well, he has enough experiences to do that. 

       So, he is one of my role models now. He makes me feel interested in politics and other things. As I grow older, I realize that although I do not like politics, economics, and law, but those disciplines are important for me. So, I need to learn and understand about them, at least the basic points. Although my biggest passions are English and education, but in order to be a smart and successful person, I must learn and know many things. 

          Let us see what the debate will be about. I cannot wait to listen to the two candidates’ visions and missions in economics. I have not decided yet which one to choose, but the one that I am going to choose must be the great one. Let us see who is the best. #PresidentialElection #Indonesia. 


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