Descriptive text – a person, Shasa.

Descriptive text – a person, Shasa.

          This descriptive text is about my best friend, Shasa. Her full name is Salmawati Putri and she is usually called Shasa. She comes from Makassar, South Sulawesi, but lives in Citayem with her parents and her brother. I met her at senior high school and we have been friends ever since. 

          She is quite tall and slim, she is still young about early 20s. She has short, wavy, black hair – I know her hair although she wears jilbab. She has an oval face, pointed nose, thick lips, and pretty brown eyes. I love it when she smiles – I can see her white teeth clearly. I also love the way she dresses up – her tops are always match perfectly with her jilbabs. One of her favorite colors is blue, and indeed, the color fits her pretty brown skin well. The color makes her look even sweeter. 

        Shasa is currently studying at University of Indonesia. She wants to be a professional secretary and her biggest dream is to go to France and see the Eiffel Tower directly. Shasa is such a good friend for me – she is caring, thoughtful, and loyal. We have been together through thick and thin and I hope that we can always be like that forever. 


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