Welcome Exam!

Welcome Exam!

      Phew! I have been very busy lately. Exams are coming and I MUST be ready for them. Exam time has always made me nervous. This time is worse – there are some tough assignments to do and they need to be submitted soon. Also, some exams are going to be quite challenging – like MOT and Curdev. 

         Other problematic issues are about the scores. I need to study harder to improve my scores in Reading, Listening and other subjects since my scores in mid-term are not good enough. I need to work hard in final exam. 

           This semester is such a challenging one. I have learned many things for sure, but I got some new experiences like went to MP and interviewed one teacher there for Curdev, I got a new family in Grammar 2 and more. At the end of the semester, there is something we are worried about – IP. Well, that is normal to think and worry about that, but I cannot do anything but study hard in order to improve my IP. I do hope that I will get a higher IP for this semester, better than the previous semesters. Aamiin 



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