Inten’s 20th Birthday.

Inten’s 20th Birthday.

Inten had her 20th birthday a few days ago. When we arrived at her kosan, something strange and scary happened. There was someone in the bathroom – the water was flowing, the door was closed. We kept saying, “Who’s inside?,” but no one replied. Sasya, Inten, Umi, and I were frightened. We decided to ask for help from Syaten’s neighbors. Suddenly, a new housemaid appeared from the next house, with a furious face, she said that it was her in the bathroom. Not in Syaten’s bathroom but in her master’s bathroom. Yes, we could hear the sound that came from another bathroom – Syaten’s kosan is very close to other two houses. When we asked the housemaid, she replied angrily yet funnily, “Don’t call me Ma’am, call me Miss.” It was totally funny since she is quite old, she is probably in early 40.

Some minutes later, Mbake, Iki, Dila and Kira came. We told them about the scary moment that happened a while ago. We were very serious, Inten was the one who told the story enthusiasticaly – did not know that Kira was preparing a birthday brownies for her. Then, in the middle of our story-telling session, Kira came behind Inten bringing the brownies with the 20 candles. Mbake started to sing, “Creepy birthday to you, creepy birthday to you,” and all of us started to sing as well, louder than before.

As usual, we took some pictures, cut the brownies and ate the brownies together. Then we headed back to campus for CCU. After CCU was over, we headed to Bintaro Plaza or BP together. In the angkot, we were very noisy. We talked a lot and we teased Inten because she was the birthday girl. After 17 minutes or so, we finally arrived at BP. We prayed Asr first then went to D’Cost to eat. Inten chose the food and while waiting, we took some pictures together. We even asked the waiter to take a picture of us. A few minutes later we were busy eating, chewing and biting. The food was delicious, especially cah kangkung. Had enough food, we did some window shopping. We entered the Gramedia, I was the excited one for that. Then we entered Naughty – Inten bought a bag and perfume, sasya bought a perfume as well. The rest of us bought nothing. After that, we went home respectively.

That day, we had so much fun together. Syara and Mbake went home by themselves. The rest of us went home together. On the way home, Umi, Kira and I teased Sasya happily. We made her jealous and angry at the same time. In response, she showed us her angry face and sang a song like a beggar or punk kid. How funny and embarrassing she was! We just laughed so hard because of that. When I arrived at home, I checked my WA and found out that Umi had not arrived yet, she was still waiting for 510 at the bus station near UIN. The funny part was she said that she got “karma” for teasing Sasya a while ago in angkot.

The rest of the night, we chatted on WA and watched Melly. Melly, our fellow EED, won the contest. We were happy and proud of her. That day was a happy day, after watching Melly and Fear Factor, I slept tightly.


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