I want to share about my new activity called #KEy. KEy is an abbreviation from Knowledge Everyday. I knew it from Ka F’s timeline some times ago. I decided to give it a try by filling the form online and a few days later I got a text informing that I will be invited to the discussion group on WhatsApp. Then on our first discussion, the admin named Ka Wize started the discussion by introducing KEy to us. From Ka Wize’s explanation, I could see that KEy is a good movement with a noble goal. I am so happy to be a part of that. 

            Last Sunday, we did our first KEy together. The idea was we tweeted 13 tweets about any kind of topics simultaneously and retweeted some of them. I was nervous at first, but then I enjoyed it. My timeline was full with different and new information from many people who belong to KEy. That was fun and happy to see those hashtag #KEy filled the timeline. I kept retweeting and then reading some topics that I found interesting. 

          The next KEy will be done regularly by different member. Two people in a week. That will be fun and challenging because we need to find and present a piece of information that new and credible. 

         I am so happy and truly amazed by the movement. I do not know who the initiator, but the idea of KEy is amazingly good. I do believe that a group of people with the same goal can make a huge change and difference. I am grateful to know this cool movement from his timeline. I do hope that this #KEy will inspire many people to learn, to read and to seek knowledge. Long live #KEy!!!


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