Activities on the weekend.

Activities on the weekend.

        It has been a while since the last time I watched Doraemon –  a famous cartoon from Japan. When I was a kid, I always watched Doraemon in Sunday morning while eating breakfast. It was my habit on the weekend, it was fun to watch cartoon on the weekend. Doraemon is one of my favorite cartoons. 

          As I grow up, I rearely watch the cartoon due to my busy schedule. I spend my weekend doing my assignments or I go back to sleep after praying then wake up at noon. It goes like that every weekend but today was different. I woke up this morning feeling happy, I watched Channel Japan and Indonesia Now on Metro TV . After that I watched Doraemon and today’s episode was, “Jin salju jatuh cinta kepada Nobita.” The episode was funny and I reminisced my childhood because of that. 

        Watching Doraemon reminds me of my childhood memories. The happy memories I had when I was a kid. Time flies so fast, I am busy studying now and do not have time to watch TV let alone cartoon. 

      Watching TV or cartoon is such a fun activity to do on the weekend. However, I prefer to read novels or surf on the internet now. Weekend is the right moment to read my favorite novels because weekdays are quite hectic to do that. Weekend is also used to re-charge my battery or my spirit, to enjoy myself and have “me time.” 

        In conclusion, I have some fun activities to do on the weekend – watching TV/cartoon, reading novels, and surfing on the internet. 



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