I have lots of assignments and some presentations in this month. I have been very busy doing the assignment one by one. Alhamdulillah, with Allah’s help, I am able to finish all presentations but the novel review. I had Grammar and Mot this week and they went really well. I had prepared myself intellectually and mentally to face Mr. Alek, but Mr. Alek was judging a thesis defence . My group presented the material about Audio-lingual method without Mr. Alek. The presentation went well and fast. It was only 30 minutes. 

         The day before Mot, I had Grammar presentation. It went well and fun. I explained about the passive voice and Mrs. Atik seemed happy and satisfied with my explanation. I myself was very happy and proud. I was thankful that I could present the material well. 

         Mot and Grammar were the last presentations before the novel review. Well, the novel review is the toughest one. I am happy that I had finished all presentations – CCU, Curdev, Mot, Grammar. The mid-term tests are also almost finished. There is one left – Speaking. I am happy because I can focus on my reviews and other assignments now. I have lots of assignments in Reading, I have to find some videos and make 40 questions for Listening and I have to write a descriptive text for Writing. Phew! Such a hectic semester. 

          I learn one thing from this hectic experience – the importance of time management. There is one quote; “Time is Money,” the quote is so popular. In my opinion, time is a treasure or a precious asset, time is as valuable as money. I learn that managing time well is one of the keys to be successful. I am thankful that Allah has been helping me and guiding me in managing time. Well time management helps me to be discipline and organized. I am very lucky not to be a proscacinator – someone who puts off to do things. 

         Well time management gives me more time to relax and more focus. I had finished reading all novels last month, I also had made the review. It makes me happy to know that I had finished reading the novels while my friends are still reading them. 

          I am thankful that Allah, The Smartest has been guiding me to the right path. He has been helping me to finish those presentations. He has been helping me to keep on fighting and doing what I am suppossed to doing. I am thankful for those things. 

         Finally, I am thankful for every single thing that Allah has given to me. I am thankful for being myself. And I am thankful to have a strong will, passion, and motivation to keep going. I believe those are essential to be success. May Allah always guides me, my friend, and my family. Aamiin. 


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