I adore him.

I adore him.

         At first, I watched some videos to learn English but then I typed the key word that was related to him – someone that I like. There was one video that attracted me, so I watched it and he was there in the video. Oh My God, I was so happpyyyyy.

         In that video, I could listen he spoke English. His English was pretty good. The video was good and fun to watch. He spoke a lot in that video. He also sang a song in that video, he made fun of his friend who had broken heart. I listened to his voice. His voice was good and melted my heart. I could not believe that I would listen to his voice like that. Just listened to his voice made me happy. The time when I watched that video, I realized that I adore him very much. I could not stop smiling when I watched the video. 

          After watching the video, I visited my facebook and visited his page. I also visited his friend’s page which was great. I liked his timeline and it was full of good articles and motivational words. I also followed some of pages that he followed, so I could read more and more motivational quotes. Because of those quotes, I was inspired to do more and keep being consistent with it. Well, it happened during the night or morning, I often got inspired at midnight, got inspiration and got reminders to keep on fighting. Last night was one of those inspirational nights and also one of those happy nights. 


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