My pride

My pride

I wonder how he does that, how he can keep on fighting, how he can be that strong. 

I wonder what is in his mind, what does he think every night. Has he ever felt “galau” ? 

I wonder what is his motto, what is his motivation, what is his intention. 

I barely know him, we never meet, we never talk to each other. But something strange happened when Shasa told me about him, it was like I got a new inspirator in life. And he has been my inspirator until now. 

I do not know if I love him, adore him, or I am only proud of him. He is just sooo great. I know that nobody is perfect, but there is one thing I love about him – he likes learning, he is a passionate learner. And I hope I can meet a man that is passionate about learning but I have not found him yet until he came. 

He inspires me to do more, to contribute, to stay humble, to keep learning, to keep being fool, to inspire. I wonder has ever wanted to give up? Has he ever felt sad or even depressed? I do not know the answers, all I know is he is a human too, like me, he is just a great human and he has been working really hard to be that great. 

I know nothing is easy in this life and what he has done are great. The position he has now, the scholarship, the chance, the popularity, I am sure he worked and still working really hard for those things. 

I just hope I can be like him too in the future, just in a woman version 😀


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