Being an admin.

Being an admin.

It has been a month since I became an admin of an account named @thecambridgesphotos on Instagram.
I did not want to do so at first, but then when I saw my photos gallery, there were so many pictures of Will, Kate, and George. They are perfect together. I started to download more and more of their photos. I loved to edit the photos and then shared them on my ig. My ig, well, it was my personal account where I shared my selfies and my photos with friends.
The idea to be an admin came all of a sudden. I thought that many people would love the cambridges too as much as me and I was totally right. When I changed my username and my profile picture, I got new followers and the photo that I just posted got many likes in a matter of minutes. I got notifications quite often – 45 likes, 5 new followers. It made me happy to see those notifs. It let me know that many people outhere loved my photos and they followed me for more. In a couple of days, I gained more followers and I started to share more photos every day.
The funny part when I decided to become an admin was my friends’ reaction. Many of them realized that it was me and they started to make fun of me haha. Sasya, one of my friends who is also an admin supported me for that. She often visited my ig to find out how many followers I have. Her account got 6000k followers and she often compared her followers with mine. That was funny.
I have been being an admin for a month and it has been good. Instagram is the app that I use most. If my friends are often “fangirlingan” and I do the same thing. The only difference is they love Korean boy/girlbands and I love British Royal’s photos. Just open my photos gallery, most of the photos are the cambridges. They are just very adorable. George, especially, is the cutest baby on earth. He is handsome, cute, and expressive.
Finally, that was my story of being an admin. Being an admin is surely a new experience for me and it is fun. I am addicted to the cambridges’ photos and would love to share them with others.


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