Today was quite hectic. I had only one class, Reading class and after that I and my friends attended a seminar at Auditorium Prof Harun Nasution. One of the speakers at the seminar was Mr. Mu’thi. He talked about the relationship between education and culture. The theme of the seminar itself was “Membangun Manusia yang Berbudaya Melalui Pendidikan.” He talked about three countries – Korea, China, and India which have been growing fast in education lately. He also told us about those countries’ cultures and how they keep their original cultures. I love the way Mr. Mu’thi explained the topic, it was easy to fathom and it was quite interesting. I knew from the moderator that Mr. Mu’thi studied in England and US. When I heard England, my mind went to that country. I imagined myself go to the UK, I cam study there. Yes, studying in the UK still be my biggest dream until now, until I write this. I wrote many things in my book because there were so many good things that I got from Mr. Mu’thi. Mr Mu’thi had opened my mind and had strengthened my spirit, my will to work harder and keep on fighting for my dreams. He said that if someone wanted to be a successful person, he/she must be intellectual and spiritual. I listened to his speaking until it was over but I did not listen to the next speaker, Mr. Rusmin. I talked to Mbake and Dila instead and we talked about the upcoming election, the presidency candidates and so on. At 11 we left the auditorium and went to Syaten’s place to have lunch.

When we were eating, I told Mbake, Umi, and Dila about one seminar called public speaking with Ka Kris. They agreed to join me. After eating, they watched movies with Sasya and Inten. I myself just read UIN’s newspaper and played with my phone. At 1.30, I was ready to attend the seminar, but they were not. They enjoyed the movies so much, they had not prayed zuhur yet. So I decided to go by myself. It was a little bit weird to come alone, without any friends, but it was quite fun because it was new for me. I realized that I was a college student, I had to be independent and confident. When I was at the venue – theater FITK, I was greeted by the committees warmly. All of them were women and they were friendly. I was the first participant who came. I had to wait for about 30 minutes. When I was waiting, I kept telling Iki and Dila to come. Not long after that, the mc opened the seminar and seminar was started.

The trainer was Ka Kris. He was good and the way he spoke was fun to listen and easy to catch. The seminar was totally fun – I got new things, especially about public speaking, I got a few new friends, and I got a new experience. It made me realize that sometimes we had to do something alone, I mean if your friends wont come, then you can come by yourself. I followed my heart, my intuition to come to the seminar although without any companions. I was very independent yesterday and it was fun. When I was home, I did my Grammar assignment and was very exhausted, so I slept right after that.

Today, I will be presenting the passive voice in Grammar class. I do hope that it will go well. Everyday is a new day, there are lots of options, lots of chances, lots of kindness. We have to make every day counts and always do our best. Alhamdulillah Allah has given me a strong will to keep on fighting. I hope I will always be like this and I can make all of my dreams come true at the end. Aamiin.


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