I am back!!!!

I am back!!!!

It has been a while, now I come back to write on this blog again. Happy!!!

It is not easy to maintain a good habit – writing on this blog is one of good habits that I try to maintain. I still remember the first time I wrote here and the reason why I created this blog. It was all because of my lecturer, Ms. Yenny. I was very excited to have my own blog and to be able to write here. As time goes by, I have been writing here and in my personal writing book where I write about everything that happens every day. I write about many things on this blog, I am so happy and satisfied when I discover all of the texts that I had written here. I am not sure there is someone who reads my writing or not, I do not really think about that. And now, I decided to come back and to write again, as often as possible and as consistent as possible. 

I guess it is very easy to start but very hard to maintain or to be consistent. That happens to me. I rarely write and rarely visit this blog due to my busy schedule and my idleness. Also, I have lots of assignments and exams, so I focus on those things and neglect my blog. I am in fourth semester now, subjects are more difficult, things are more challenging, emotions are changing, and motivation has its ups and downs. I feel lazy sometimes, I want to give up, I want to sleep all day and am reluctant to go to campus. I feel those kind of feelings lately and it is normal because I am not alone, my friends feel the same thing with me. I do not know why these things happen to us, I assume this is because we are tired, bored and want to have something more fun. I assume that maybe we just need to have fun and forget those exams and assignments for a while. Unfortunately, we cannot do that, not now. I understand that we must survive and have no choice but to keep on going and fighting. I have to keep motivating myself, keep studying no matter how lazy I am. I need to be strong to keep on fighting. 

I hope that my exam results are good and my GPA in this semester is higher or better. I felt lazy some days ago and I regretted it. I promise I wont do that again, I just cannot do that. I will let many people down if I do that. So, keep being positive and do my best. I also promise to write on this blog again and do that consistently no matter how busy and lazy I am. I will write in English not only for the sake of practice and grade but also for my own pleasure. I love writing very much and write on this blog is one of the ways to express it. Consistency is the key!


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