Ibadah Practice

Ibadah Practice

      Today I woke up late and as I predicted I could not attend the first class – Reading. Mrs. Nida came on time and I was frustrated because it meant I was going to come very very late. And I was right. I arrived on campus at 8.30 and I chose to stay at Fathulloh until 9.00. When I was about to go to attend my second class – CCU, I got a piece of information that Mr. Zaharil did not come today because he went to Depag. It let me down a little bit because it meant that I had only one class for today – Ibadah practice. So, together with Ummi, Inten and the rest, we went to Inten’s place and stayed there for hours. .

     In Inten’s place, we talked about many things and laughed a lot. Inten, as usual, was very funny and silly. Also, we prepared for the practicum today. Rain was pouring down at 12.00. We thought the practicum was cancelled because of the heavy rain but then we went to campus and after several minutes waiting, Mrs. Eva – our lecturer came and we did the tayammum right away. It went well and it was not as scary as I imagined. Alhamdulillah, the scores were pretty good. I got 81 while Ummi and Rizqi got 80 and Mbake got 79. 

     So, today was not really useless. Tomorrow I should wake up earlier and come in time. No more coming late! 


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