Flipped is a movie about love story between Bryce Loski and Julie Baker. Bryce and Julie are next door neighbors. Julie has a crush on Bryce since the first time they met. Julie often expresses her feeling to Bryce including at school which makes Bryce very embarrassed. Bryce, on the contrary, has always hated Julie. He thinks that Julie is very weird and always bothers him. To make Julie broken-hearted, Bryce starts to flirt the most famous girl at school and holds her hands just to make Julie jealous. It is certainly successful – Julie is very upset about it.

Bryce’s grandfather, Chad, loves Julie and wants Bryce to get to know her better and get along. Chad says that Julie reminds him of his late wife – Bryce’s grandmother.

Julie has one favorite tree that is located near her house. She often sits on the tree and watches the schhol bus every morning. She informs her friends down the tree about the bus. Bryce has to get used to it. He has to listen to Julie’s traffic report every morning. Bryce does not understand why Julie loves the tree so much. For Bryce, the tree is an ordinary one. But for Julie, the tree is a magnificient thing that she has ever had.

One day, Julie is sitting on the tree, looking at the beautiful scenery from the tree and some people come. Some contractors come to cut down the tree. They say that the owner of the tree wants to build a house and the tree must be cut. Julie is really sad about it, she begs and cries but no one listens to her – including Bryce. When he is about to leave for school, she begs him to come up with her and stay on the tree. But Bryce refuses it. He has to go to school. Julie is insisted and does not want to come down until her father comes and asks her to come down with him. Julie has to come down and let the tree is cut down by the contractor. A few days after that, Julie feels miserable and deeply sad. For her neighbors, it is only a tree, but for her that is everything. Her father knows how Julie feels about it, and he gives her a painting of a tree to cheer Julie up. And the painting is indeed cheer her up. Julie will see the painting when she wakes up in the morning and see it again before she goes to sleep.

One day, in one experimental event, Julie wins a project about chicken hatch. Because of the project, Julie has some chicken and soon after lots of eggs. She decides to give some of her eggs to her neighbors including Bryce. Bryce is quite happy to receive those eggs, but it turns out to be a disaster. He discovers that Julie’s backyard is not hygienic – it is full of dirt and mud and there is no grass. He tells his family about that and they afraid of salmonella because of those eggs. Bryce has to throw the eggs away. Julie stars to give the eggs once in a week, so Bryce has to throw them away secretly. Until one day, after giving her eggs, Julie stays longer and finds out that Bryce is about to throw her eggs away. She cannot believe what she sees. She hates Bryce very much because of that.

The eggs incident surely makes Julie avoids Bryce. She will run every time she sees him. Bryce feels unease and tries to apologize. And because of the eggs incident, Julie is determined to clean up her backyard. She gets so much help from Chad and becomes good friends. One afternoon, Bryce comes and apologies for what he has done. Finally, Julie forgives him. The next day, when Julie is cleaning up her backyard, she sees her father is about to leave. He wants to visit his retarted brother – Daniel. Julie comes with his father and visits her Uncle Daniel for the first time.

At school, the next day, Bryce is staring at Julie during a class. He does not know why but he likes Julie now. He talks with one of his boy friends at school library about it and talks about Julie’s retarted uncle. Julie hates Bryce very much because of that. At home, Bryce’s mother decides to invite Baker family over for sit down dinner. And finally they have a sit down dinner and have a good time. During the dinner, Julie tells Bryce about how she hates him about what he said at the library.

At school event, the next day, Bryce follows an auction event with other basketball players. He realizes that Julie is there and then she beats on one boy to have a lunch with him. Bryce cannot believe what he sees. While Julie is having a lunch with the boy, Bryce is having a lunch too with the famous girl at school. Bryce is suppossed to be happy, but he keeps staring at Julie and ignores the girl. Then without thinking, Bryce comes to Julie and tries to kiss Julie in front of other schoolmates. Julie is surprissed and runs home immediately. She locks herself at her room and cries. Bryce tries to apologize – he comes to her house, phones her, but Julie is insisted.

And then Bryce finds another way. He comes to Julie’s backyard and plants a tree. Julie is very upset at first, but then she knows what Bryce is doing. She smiles and helps him. She looks at those dazzling eyes of Bryce and falls in love all over again. Bryce sees the girl before him with a smile. They both realize that all this time, they have not really talked yet. Now is the time to start it again. Bryce touches her hand and they smile while planting the tree.

The movie teaches us that everything possible, including feelings. Feelings can change and sometimes we do not have power over it but have to accept the feelings as they are. Today we might not like someone, but the next day it can be flipped and love that person as crazy as we never imagined.


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