wreck it ralph

wreck it ralph

I re-watched a movie titled Wreck It Ralph yesterday and it felt like the first time I watched it. Wreck It Ralph is a movie about a big man named Ralph who plays in a game named Fix It Felix and his job is to wreck the building in the game. Felix, on the other hand, is a small and nice guy who fixes Ralph’s mess. One night, after the game is over, Ralph sees Felix is very happy with his life and is loved by many people. Ralph is envy of him. When everybody in the game are celebrating their game anniversary, Ralph who is uninvited comes to the party and makes everybody scared. One man said that Ralph cannot be here, that he is not belong here because he is a bad guy. Ralph is upset about that. Everybody loves Felix because he is a nice guy and hates Ralph because he is a bad guy who always wrecks things. Ralph wants to be a nice guy too and he feels to prove that he is a nice guy, he needs a medal, the one that Felix has always got. 

In his frustration, Ralph met a lost spaceman. He tells Ralph about his game and a chance to get a medal. Without any hesitation, Ralph hurries to the game and plays the game without understand the game. His only intention is to get the medal. The leader in the game is a woman and she gets really angry about Ralph’s mess in the game. When he gets the medal, he got attacked by an animal like spider and flies to the sugar rush. The woman has to catch the animal because the animal is very dangerous. By the time she is about to leave, Felix comes and wants to join her. Then they set off to the sugar rush.

In sugar rush, he meets a little girl and the little girl takes his medal. Because of that, Ralph looks for the girl and they end up become friends. Ralph feels sorry for the girl because she is bullied by her peers. In order to get his medal back, Ralph needs to help the girl to make a car so she can join the rush with her mean peers. Everything is fine, the girl is very happy and proud of Ralph. Ralph, for the first time feels good about himself. But it does not last long, the king in the candy rush tells Ralph about the girl. The king says that the girl cannot join the rush and asks Ralph to prevent the girl to join the rush. The king promised Ralph the medal he wants. So, when he meets the girl, he tells the girl what the king had told him and then breaks the car they made. It devastates the girl very much. She cries and hates Ralph. Ralph does not know what to do but at least he gets his medal back. 

But then Ralph remembers about the girl and time they had spent together to make the car. He also knows how big the girl wants to join the rush. And the saddest part is when he remembers that the girl loves and proud of him so much. That he had helped her to make the car. And then Ralph decides to help the girl re-make the car and send her to rush. Finally, the girl wins the rush and she is able to prove to her mean peers that she can do that. She thanks Ralph and hugs him. In the end, Ralph realizes that he can be a nice guy. Everybody can. And we do not need medals to prove that we are nice. All we need is to do our best. 

The movie is great – the scenes are clear and good, the idea of the story is brilliant and most of all the message in this movie is great. This movie reminds us that everybody, without exception, can be a nice person. Ralph – the bad guy has proven it to us. 



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