So, tonight I watched a movie titled “Taken” and actually I had watched this movie before on my laptop. And when I found out the movie tonight on Trans TV, I was happy because the movie was “Taken.” So, I stayed tune and watched it. The movie was about a father – Bryan Mills who acknowledged himself as a preventer and his daughter – Kimmy, a 17-year-old girl. The story began when Kim wanted to go to Paris with her friend – Amanda. She asked Bryan to sign a permission letter so she could go. Bryan said it was dangerous for her to travel alone. But Bryan finally agreed to let her go with three conditions. Kimmy was really happy. Arrived in France, Kim and her friend Amanda met a guy named Peter who pretended to be a tourist and told them to share a taxi together because the price was very expensive. Then, as they arrived at Amanda’s cousin’s apartment, they went to the living room and relaxed. Peter was actually a bad guy who worked for a gang that main job in women trafficking. And he told the gang about the girls he just met. When Amanda was having fun by herself, Kim got a phone call from her father and she was talking in the bathroom. Then, Kim saw Amanda was taken by some intruders and she told her father on the phone. Her father told her to calm down and hide under a bed. Bryan told her to tell him everything she saw about the guys. Bryan knew that his daughter was taken and he analyzed the characteristics of the kidnappers carefully. He knew at the end that the leader in the gang was Marco from Tropoja. He then flew to Paris. He traced everything that related to her daughter. From the appartment, Peter and more. He went to a prostitution place and found out about a place where many women saved. He came to the place and found Kim’s jacket. The jacket was worn by a woman and it was given by Kim. From the woman, Bryan knew Paradise – a place where Marco and his group were gathered. 

Bryan came and pretended to be Jeon Claude – his friend who had an authority in Paris. He then met some people who had been involved in prostitution, drugs and more. He finally met Marco – the one who took her daughter. Then, he fought and kept Marco alive to get information about Kim. From Marco, Bryan knew a man named Patrice Saint Clair – the person who sold women. Bryan came to a hotel where Saint Clair in and there was a deal there. Bryan saw his daughter was about to sell. Bryan knew from Saint Claire that his daughter had been sold to a man on a boat. Bryan went to the boat and fought with several men until He found Kim. Then finally Bryan was able to bring Kim back to her mother safely.

Taken is one of my favorite movies. I like how Bryan tries really hard to find and save her daughter. Also, I like his acting. He is a good father and loves her daughter very much. The plot in the movie is clear and understandable. Moreover, it is interesting because it takes us – the viewers, to find out where Kim is. I love how Bryan manages to find Kim with the clues he got. The movie is just a smart one. And the moral value from the movie is “Do what your parents say because it might be for your own sake.” And from the movie we can see how a father loves his daughter so much and will do everything for her.

That was my review. More reviews will come up next time. 🙂


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