addicted to the internet

addicted to the internet

Wohoooo, I want to tell you about my current hobby: browsing internet. I have been doing this since the long holiday started a couple of weeks ago and it has been a month. I stay up all night to watch some videos on Youtube, the only reason why it should be done at night is because I get a free packet internet or an extra quota. The condition is I should use it after midnight until 6 a.m in the morning, therefore I stay up all night for the sake of watching videos. I do not want to waste an extra quota I have although I have to open my eyes widely in order to not sleepy. I have been doing this all night and now I am getting used to it. I enjoy to do that – to watch videos and search lots of information on the internet. I can gain a lot of new information that I do not know before and watch some videos that I had always wanted to watch since a long time. Moreover, I only do this in holiday because I cannot and I am prohibited to stay up all night becuase I have to wake up earlier in the morning in order to come to the campus on time. But in holiday I am totally free 😀

So, I have been spending my time reading some online English newspapers like The Jakarta Post and The Jakarta Globe. I find reading newspapers is interesting and fun. Also, I can practice and improve my reading skill. From reading I get lots of new vocabulary every day. Today’s new word is: mockery which means ejekan or cemooh in bahasa Indonesia. I can read up to five articles a day and I do that during the day. At night, I usually watch English videos to practice my Listening skill. Well, I am so happy to make English as my daily routine and a habit. 

Finally, I am so happy and thankful because of the internet, I can access many websites easily. I can learn English as often as possible and in a fun way. 


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