Prom Night

Prom Night

Just watched a movie titled “Prom Night” and still trembling. The movie was about a young girl named Donna Keppel who had a nightmare because of her former teacher Fenton. Fenton was her teacher who obsessed with her. Because of his crazy obsession, he came to Donna’s house at one night and look for her. When Donna was home, she saw her father and brother were already dead. Donna realized that something bad happened at her house. A few minutes later, she found her mother was about to be murdered by Fenton. She hid under her bed and saw Fenton murdered her mom. Years later, Donna lived with her uncle and aunt. She was preparing herself for a prom nigh at her school. On the other side, Detective Winn who had caught Fenton three years ago found out that Fenton escaped from prison. Detective Winn told Donna’s uncle and aunt to be careful, and he rushed to the hotel where the prom night was held. Fenton disguised herself as Mr Ramsey. In short, he killed some people before he got Donna. Donna was scared to see Fenton and managed to run away from him. When she was at home, the police officers were protecting her house when Fenton managed to enter the house and get in to Donna’s room. Fenton was about to kill Donna when Detective Winn shot him several times until he died. Donna was trembling, could not believe that this was happened to her twice. But Detective Winn hugged her tight and told her that it was over.

The movie was good. It gave me a thrill when I watched it. I just found out about the movie tonight. I have not watched it before, so when I watched it, I was totally lost in the movie. Tried to digest the story and had sworn several times to the crazy-psycho-obsessed Fenton. The story was quite simple, nothing much, the plot was clear and understandable. It was just how someone can be very obsessed over someone and killed everybody he met just to get her. It was just insane!. After watching the movie, I realized that I love kind of movies like psycho, thriller, horror. Movies that has a riddle to be solved, a secret to be revealed. Movies that have a killing-scene on it, movies that make me, as a viewer, wonder and scared at the same time. And the prom night is definitely one of those movies that I have just described. Another kind of movie I like is comedy or drama. It is like a combination between a love story and comedy, for instance is The Ugly Truth. The reason why I love that kind of movie is because it entertains me, although I find a little bit absurd and vulgar. Also, I love Sex and The City which entertains me with its comedy and drama.

Finally, that was my review about Prom Night. More reviews and stories will come up soon. 😉


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