senior high school

senior high school

Last night, I rearranged my bookshelf and found a box of papers when I was in senior high school. It brought so many memories to me. Those papers were my exams and exercises. I looked at each paper carefully and read it. There were Economics, History, Arabic, Sociology and many more. It brought me back to my senior high school and its memories. I still remember how Ms Endang explained to us about Sociology and gave us lots of exercises. I also remembered when I took the exams in 11 grade and my grades were not so bad. At that time, I had some favorite subjects – English, History and Sociology. I saw my exercise in English and my writing was totally far from perfect and had many mistakes. Well, I laughed when I read it because it showed my ability in English at that time. Luckily, my English is improving now. I saw 90 on my History paper and thought that I was quite good at History and also in Sociology. Once, I planned to take Sociology or History or English as my major in university. I was quite confused at that time, so I chose those three subjects on my snmptn application. I chose English and Sociology at UIN and English and History at UNJ. And Allah gave me the best answer – I was accepted in English Education Department at UIN. That was exactly what I wanted and thank God I got it. It made me sad when I remembered my shs moment. There were lots of good moment I had with my friends, teachers and how I enjoyed every single day of my shs. Senior high school, for me, was one of the best things in my life. Shs was also my turning point in learning, in honesty, love, friendship and more. Looking at those papers, I felt lucky and blessed to study English now because I have been interested in English since I was in shs. It could be proven by some vocabularies I wrote in my books and how excited I was every time I had an English class. And the sad truth was I was really bad at Math. My grades at Math were not good and I had a difficulty to understand that subject. That was why I chose English and not Math. Looking at those papers, also, made me fly back to my shs when I studied many different subjects and different topics every week. I studied Biology, Japanese, Arabic, Geography and more. I had to understand and pass those subjects. Luckily, I had no problem to pass those subjects. Just concentrated, studied and being a diligent student. I was thankful because I was quite diligent at that time – I did my homework, I read my textbooks, I took exercises. I did those things for fun, I actually enjoyed it so much. Being a diligent person made me happy and proud of myself. Because of that, my friends always asked me the homework. Every night, they gave me a text and asked the homework for tomorrow. I replied those texts happily. Yes, being diligent made me happy. Studied many different subjects in shs was gave me a good experience because it made me realize that I ever studied them all. Although I was not really good at all subjects, I managed to understand them and pass. And although those subjects were not something I really focused on, I was able to finish them at the end. Now, I am really happy and thankful because I can study something that I really like – English. Something that I have been interested in a long time. Something that I am really proud of and something that I am very passionate about. Senior high school was indeed made me who I am today. Shs was a process of transforming me to be a better person and the best version of me today. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful experience in shs, and I am so lucky to know my teachers, friends, whom I love and get motivated from. Also, I am thankful because Allah had helped me through the process. Without Him, I am completely nothing.

Finally, that was about my shs moment. Shs is surely one of the best moment that I have experienced, moment that I will never forget.


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