Haha I do not know what to write, I do not have any special story to share, but here I am – writing on my blog. Well, I have to say that having a personal blog had helped me – who loves writing, to improve my writing skill and most of all to share what I feel. So, this time I would like to write about him. Him? Who is he?. I do not know how to tell you – my beloved readers, about him, because he is just a special man whom I love now. He is special for me for some reasons I cannot explain here. So, since I pronounced to my self that I love him, I have been checking his twitter and looking for some facts about him ever since. His twitter is the first one that I check every time I am on twitter. Also, I visit his tumblr and send him emails. I am passionately curious about him and want to know what is he doing, his activities, his hobbies and more. Recently, I made a path account because of him. So, that day, I just realized that he had a path, and he often shared his activities and other things there. I was curious and wanted to know his path. So I made a path too, and the only reason why I made it was because of him. Cool!

I know that by having a path it helps me to see his activities and know him better. I am such a stalker now. But I have a problem with this – he has not accepted yet. OMG! I have been checking my path just because I want to know whether he has accepted me or not. I am getting frustrated because of that. I do not know why, maybe he is very busy now or he won’t accept me because I am just a-girl-with-glasses-who-passionately-stalks-him-every-single-day. I do not know why. But it hurts me every time I see the “awaiting reply” status on his path. It feels like, “Hi come on, just click the accept botton.” Aside from the-path-thing, I also sent him email a month ago and still there is no reply. I have been ignored completely. How pity!. Well, for know, I just stalk him on his twitter and tumblr and it always goes well. It makes me happy to read his timeline and his tweets. I cannot imagine how happy I will if he accepts me on path and replies my email. I will be the most diligent visitor on his path 😀

Finally, that was my story about path. I have never really interested in sort of things like having a path account, but see what I did? I have one of it and the only reason is because for the love one. Love is indeed crazy.


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