holiday = stay up all night and have insomnia

holiday = stay up all night and have insomnia

I always have one problem during the holiday – sleep time disorder. It makes me feel like an owl. I sleep all day long and stay up all night long. It goes like that every single day during the holiday. I keep on playing games on my phone or surfing on the internet. I prefer to read than sleep. I sleep when almost dawn, and then I wake up in the noon. I do not know how to stop it, that drives my mom crazy because she hates to see me stay up all night doing things that she called “unnecessary”, and has a hard time to wake me up on the next day. It happens to me almost in every holiday I have. Weirdly, I do not hate it nor regret it. I do love it – to stay up all night and explore the internet as long as I like. Well, it is kinda rare because of my daily schedules – go to campus, study, bla bla bla. So, when holiday comes, I just want to enjoy it completely. I want to free my self. Also, I find a-night-life is so much more interesting than a-morning or afternoon-life, I do not know why, I just feel so. I know that staying up all night like that is not good for my health, but once again, I just do that during the holiday. In every day life I am a good kid who loves to sleep and need sleeping 25 hours a day because of the crazy traffic I go through every day. Finally, let us being an owl during the holiday and have lots of fun!


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