WOHOOOOO! holiday has came! I will have two months holiday. It is going to be fun yet boring. I have a cool plan with my crazy friends – go to Tegal – iki’s hometown. I bet it is going to be fun and tiring. The idea was found when we were eating at Sushi Yoi. We are going to visit Tegal on 19 – 21 January. Three days are enough for us. The planning is well discussed. Now, we are at our houses. We have our own holiday now. Apparently, I am going to stay at home, watch tv, read, something like that. I do not have any special plannings. Visit Tegal will be exciting for me because I have never been there before. Also, Tegal is iki’s hometown, so it will be interesting to visit your friend’s hometown. Cannot wait! 

I have another planning with dimms, also, to spend our time together. Maybe it will be go to a mall or dufan. We have not decided yet. For the rest of holiday, I think I will go to some places with my mother and father. A happy holiday and a happy family. 

Finally, let us enjoy the holiday! 








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