learning and technology

learning and technology

I am going to write or share about learning English. I am thankful because I learn an international language, a language which is used by billion of people in the world. English has been an international language and almost every tv show, music, book are use English. I think learning English is very easy nowadays, especially with technology that helps us learn better, easier and faster. I am grateful for those creative people who created the computer, websites, any cool sources that I know now. I find learning English is very easy nowadays because of the help from technology. We do not have any excuse to stop learning or do not want to learn because everything around us supports us.

Let me tell you more clearly about this. If you want to practice your writing, you can make your personal blog and then write on it anytime you like. You can use wordpress like this or tumblr. Or you can chat with your friends in English. Also, you can tweet or update status on facebook in English. That is very easy. If you want to practice your listening skill, just go to the youtube site and type the keywords and there will be a lot of videos there to choose. You can listen to a lecture, talkshow, music, anything else. If you can understand the video without any problem then your listening is good, but if you have any difficulty, you need to listen more and more. Just keep practicing. Then, if you want to enrich your vocabularies, you can read books in English. Or you can visit some websites that have articles in English. You can read them online and it is very fun. You don’t have to buy a book or a newspaper, you can find it on the websites and read it online. Also, you can read it anytime and anywhere, especially if you have a sophisticated handphone that has a good internet. You can access any kind of things easily.

According to my own analysis, many people have smartphones. Their phones are all sophisticated, but they do not use it properly. They spend their time on twitter, facebook, chat with their friends, but they gain nothing from those activities. It is very important to know cool websites, so you can learn from them and get something new every time you visit the websites. There are a lot of cool websites, you just have to look for it. Once you find a cool website, you will learn so many things from it. Many of the websites or applications are free, so it gives you  lot of advantages without any charge. That is very cool!

So, I really suggest for those who read this to use the technology wisely. Technology helps us a lot, but it is also possible to destroy us. It depends on how we use it.

Be a smart user with your gadgets.


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