sushi yoiiii

sushi yoiiii

Today I came to campus for one reason: to submit my literature exam. I came to Inten’s place before, and guess what they said! “New handphone, new handphone.” Well, I could not help but laughed. They looked at me seriously and made me to show my hp to them. Haha it was like a five-year-old girl showing her new toys. 

They checked my hp out and took pictures with it. Ummi and Sasya were very excited. They said, “come on, let us try a new handphone. Let us try the camera.” I did not mind at all, there were some photos on my phone now. After submitting the literature exam, we went to sushi yoi. It was a restaurant with a Japanese concept. Inten had told us before that she will treat us. I did not know why, but just enjoy the food! 

We ate the sushi happily. Both Inten and Sasya had extra foods: bento. They said that they were still hungry. After eating, we talked about our holiday. We are going to have a long holiday. It is approximately two months. I started with the idea about dufan, then Inten wanted to visit Jogja. There were many choices and we could not choose. But our choice was to visit Tegal, Iki’s hometown. I was excited about it because I have never been in Tegal before. Then we talked about the place to stay in and our choice was Iki’s house. Well, we are going to talk about this further. I am sure this is going to be amazing.


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