a day with anak Yeti

a day with anak Yeti

Last Tuesday, I spent my time with Yeti. Well, her name is Ummi but we call her anak Yeti. So, we wanted to look for some references for Literature at main library. At first, there were Syara, Dila, Sasya, but then they went to IIQ to meet their mentor in PIQI, Mr Anshori. So, there were only me and Ummi. We gathered some literature books that we found. We carried them everywhere we went. We prayed Zuhur and then we sat at one of the reading rooms on the third floor of PU. We checked  all the books, but we found nothing. There was no specific topic about our task. We almost gave up. Then, we thought and tried to look some ways out. I said that maybe we can go to Adab and Humaniora’s library. Before going to Adab, we went to American Corner to check a book that I found a couple of days ago.

At American Corner, we went straight to the book and wrote it down and in the end, we………captured the pages. We did not have much time. The Amcor would close soon. So, we took a better and faster way to get the reference: by capturing the pages. That was unfortunate because we could not borrow the book because the book was a dict and reference. The librarian said, “All dictionaries and references in all libraries around the world are cannot be borrowed.” So, after getting what we need at Amcor. We went straight to Fathulloh. This was our planning from the beginning of the day: eat fried rice together. When we were waiting for Shaomi yesterday, we looked at one “warung makan” and the menu was fried rice. We wanted to try it desperately, so we promised to eat it sometime later. And here we were, we were waiting for our fried rice. Yum yum, we ate our fried rice passionately. It was ordinary fried rice, nothing special. But we  liked it very much maybe because it smelled good or because we were very hungry. One planning had done.

I can say that day I spent my time mostly with Ummi. Looked for books, went to Amcor, and finally ate the ordinary yet good fried rice. It was fun. Unfortunately, the rest of us could not join us. It seemed like I have a date with Ummi haha. If she were a boy, that would be romantic 😀

So, that was the story about me and Yeti.


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