Today was a special day for me and my lovely friends. Today we celebrated our first anniversary. Our plannings were: took a photo together, watched a movie and ate together. Quite simple but it took much money. And here is the story:

So, we came to one studio photo in Depok. We wore jerseys for no reason. After several minutes negotiating, we finally agreed to take a photo and the price was Rp.85.000. Then we started our photo session with a photographer. He was a man in his middle thirty I guess. He helped us to find the best angle. After thirty minutes taking photos, we checked the photos and the results were not bad. We chose seven of the photos. And a bad news came. The price was 350.000! VERY EXPENSIVE FOR THE COLLEGE STUDENTS LIKE US! OH MY GOD!. We were very shocked. 

Next, we went to Margo City, a mall where we usually hung out. We bought some breads and a bottle of mineral water. Because of the photo session, our pocket was almost empty. We were officially broke. As our schedule, we watched a movie titled “The Hobbit” at 4 p.m. It was an adventurous movie and it was not so bad. After watching, we went straight to Lotteria. When we were broke like this, we always ate at Lotteria because the price was affordable for us. Then we went home separately. 

So, it was the story about our first anniversary. It took a week for me to save the money, but it took only a day to spend it. Although we spent a lot of money today, we did not regret it. Well, best friends are the ones you spent your time and your money with. And today I did it with my best friends. 

After having so much fun with my lovely friends, I had to return to my daily activities on campus. I am going to have two exams on Monday and others on the next days, Welcome exammmmmmm! 



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