I am thankful every day for every single thing that Allah has given to me. There is one thing I am really thankful for; Learning English.

English has been my favorite subject since I was in senior high school. When I was in 11 grade, I had an English teacher named Ms Arini. She was good at teaching English and she was the one who made me realized that I could understand English well. For my friends, she was a strict teacher who gave us the difficult task every week, but for me, she was great. There was one of my friends named Kartika who hated English so much, and she was afraid every time we learned English. She said that she could not understand English easily, she thought English was a difficult lesson. It was totally different for me, I loved English so much. I had not realized it yet until I met Ms Arini. 

Every time I learned English with her I felt passionately curious. I was very passionate to learn English more than anybody else in my class, I looked forward to the next meeting, I wrote down every vocabulary in my book, I pronounced the words happily, I reviewed the today’s lesson every night. It was fun and I did not do it for the sake of good scores but rather because I loved it. I did not know exactly why, but since I told my friends that I loved English so much, they asked me to teach them English. Every time we learned English, whether it was inside the classroom or outside the classroom, they would ask me for help. They had me to translate a text, make sentences, and the worst was they cheated on me in the exam! 

It was fun to help my friends in learning English. They started to call me ‘miss’ at that time. It continued in 12 grade, I had an English teacher named Ms Nafisa, but we called her “mom”. She was great too, and had a lot of experiences in learning and teaching English. She was working on her magister degree when she taught me. She knew me well and she often asked me to translate texts in our textbook. Also, I was a secretary of my class at that time, so she often had me to write the text on the whiteboard. The method she used was really simple: We read the textbook, translated together, and answered the questions together. Although the method was quite simple, we loved her so much. She was a kind of teacher who loved her students so much, she cared, she supported her students so much. What I remembered about her the most was she knew that I loved English, I was passionate about it, and she supported me completely. I still remember once she said to me, “Nur, go, take English as your major in university. I know you can, you have a talent, you have a skill.” My response was, “Yes miss thank you. I will consider about it.” I wanted to cry at that time, I was very happy to know how much mom supported and believed me. Since that time, I promised to my self that I won’t let her down. Also, I won’t let Ms Arini down. Noted!

Another support came from my beloved friends. Atika, Mumut, Firda, Miftah, Shasa, Icha, and the rest of my classmates. They have been my greatest supporters in senior high school, they supported me to take English as my major in university, They listened to me, they gave advice every time I need, they helped to know my self better, they helped me to see my potential, they believed in me more than anyone else on the earth could do. And I cannot thank them enough for that. How thankful I am to have them in my life. 🙂

Last but not least, my counseling teacher, Ms fatma. She had a big role in helping me to get the university. I did not know about “snmptn undangan” until Ms Fatma told me. And another blessing came when I got the snmptn undangan and I was in the second place after Nabila. It meant that I had a big chance to get a state university without taking test. And finally, Allah opened a new path for me, I was accepted at UIN and my major was English Education. It was exactly what I wanted, what I had been praying for. I could not describe how happy I was. Also, my lovely parents were very happy too. 

Now, UIN is my home. A place where I study, where I meet many inspirational people, where I learn English deeper and deeper. For me, one of the blessings in life is when you can learn something that become your passion, something that you really really like, and something that you love completely. 

Because of this, I have my own way to describe my self: A Passionate English Learner. That is me and I am the combined effort of everybody I have ever known (well, this is from my senior’s bio. But I agree with it and like it too :p)



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