From library to mall with Shasa

From library to mall with Shasa

Last Monday I was suppossed to go to campus to study History of English Language, but my lecturer, Ms Fahriany could not come, so I had a free time. I decided to go to UI’s library to download some English videos there. I met Shasa and borrowed her tab to download those videos. Shasa was suppossed to have one class that day, but she decided to skip the class for no reason. I told Shasa many times to attend the class and leave me at the library alone. It was fine for me, but she resisted. We were at the library almost three hours – downloading, chatting. I had an appointment with Beler, my friend in senior and junior high school, after several minutes waiting, finally he came. We did not talk much because he was in hurry. After downloading some videos, we decided to go home. Before going home, I said, “How about have a lunch before going home? at Lotteria perhaps?” and Shasa agreed happily. I decided to treat her this time because she had helped me to download the videos. So, there we were, at Margo City Shopping Mall (again).

When we were about to leave, the rain was pouring, the thunder was thunderous. We went to Margo city by foot. That day was a windy day and also cloudy. My umbrella was upside down because of the wind. Our clothes were wet and we were totally hungry.

When we arrived at Margo City, we went straight to Lotteria and had an usual menu: rice, fried chicken, salad, and a cup of cold tea. After several minutes eating, we decided to order ice cream. And we spent the evening with ice cream, chatting, laughing out loud, talking about DIMMS, our old times in high school and many more. Then, we went home separately. It was a fun day (as always), and psssst! visited the University of Indonesia made me want to study there someday. Maybe for magister degree. Who knows ? :p


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